Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro, MD

CEO & Founder, Levita Magnetics

Alberto is an entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Levita Magnetics.  He is an experienced minimally invasive surgeon, an internationally published clinical researcher, and inventor with multiple in-process and issued patents.  He is also a former Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Universidad de Chile.

Levita Magnetics, Alberto’s current venture, is evolving minimally invasive surgery by reducing the number of incisions and improving visualization and procedure safety.  Levita Magnetics is developing a technology platform that will enable Magnetic Surgery across an array of minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

Levita was founded in Chile in 2012; has been entirely funded by Chilean investors and CORFO; and is now based in Silicon Valley.  The Company has a robust IP portfolio, is expecting both US and European regulatory clearances in the coming months, and has a clear roadmap to commercialization.

Alberto is passionate about efficiency, improving surgical practice in order to enhance patient outcomes, and increasing the role of Chile and South America in developing, testing, and delivering new global technologies.